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To Get Those Bigger Contracts – You Need Bigger Equipment.

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If you are a small-time sub contractor then you are tired of only doing the jobs that no one else wants then maybe it’s time that you started thinking about investing in larger machinery. Plant and machinery are the things that allow your much bigger competitors to put tenders in for a much larger government jobs and although you have been prohibited from doing so in the past because you don’t have $1 million to spend, the good news is that you can now hire the equipment that you need.

For example, Welshpool crane hire allows you to be able to hire one of their largest cranes for the day or longer and this means that you can now put bids in for jobs where they want tall buildings to be erected and large girders and building material has to be easily moved around the site. It is now no longer necessary to take out a large loan to get the ability to purchase your own crane and so with that comes the following benefits.

  1. It saves time & money – When you think of the time and manpower that it takes to move lots of building material from one end of the site to another, it doesn’t bear thinking about. The wonderful thing about being able to hire a crane for the day or longer is that this piece of machinery can lift everything in one fowl swoop and the work is completed.
  2. It increases profits – Now that you know that you have access to a crane for building contracts, you can now put in competitive bids for jobs that you wouldn’t have in the past. Even if you get only one of these new building contracts, it will increase your profits like never before and that can only be seen as a very positive thing.
  3. No maintenance costs – Due to the fact that you are hiring this crane and that it doesn’t belong to you means that the hiring company is the one who takes care of any maintenance costs. In the very unlikely event that the crane you hired breaks down, it will be replaced by a new one as soon as possible.

Being able to hire a crane rather than to purchase one is a real game changer for the smaller sub contractors out there and so it is an exciting time for everyone.

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