How do I Keep my Cars Safe?


If you own a car or multiple cars it brings with it added pressure and another thing to consider when looking into home security solutions, especially if you have a garage or another type of outbuilding where you park the car overnight or when you are away on holiday. Thinking about home security should always include any outbuildings that you have, whether that is a garage with a car inside it or a garden shed which houses expensive and important gardening equipment and other items. That is why you should always include outbuildings as part of any evaluation you conduct on your home security.

Your garage or shed might be the perfect target for a burglar, as in a lot of cases they are left alone when upgrading home security systems. But think about it, whether it is your expensive car or expensive gardening equipment and the like, that is expensive assets that could be stolen or damaged, so you should be treating your outbuildings in the same way you do the main building of your home when upgrading your home security solutions.

One thing you can do is to include the outbuildings as part of the network for the main home alarm system. Include sensors as you have done in other parts of the home, ensuring that if any person breaks into your garage you are immediately alerted. Sensors and alarms can also act as a deterrent if a burglar spots them attached to a garage. In these cases, it might not be worth the hassle of being spotted.

Another thing you can do is make sure that there is no foliage that acts as cover around the entry points of your outbuildings. Cut back hedges and trees, put away step ladders and anything else that can be used to access the roof of your garage or access to the side or rear of the buildings and provide open spaces that would naturally act as a deterrent to a burglar looking for a potential target.

On top of attaching the outbuilding to your overall home alarm system, also think about providing motion-sensor lighting around your garage or outbuilding, again putting off potential criminals who would not want to get caught easily in the light. Another thing to consider is how secure the inner door that connects your home to your garage is. Think about upgrading the locks and the door if possible, as well as checking any windows that are part of a garage or outbuilding, as these are potential vulnerable entry points.

Choosing home security solutions should always include any outbuildings that you have, especially if you own a car or multiple cars that you park in a garage or outbuilding. An outbuilding poses a challenge to protect from potential burglars as they are not always attached directly to the house, and if they are, they can still seem far away from the area of the home that are most lived in. Look into the best suppliers of home security products that can help you protect your cars and other equipment that you store in outbuildings. This could be extra alarms and sensors, security cameras, motion-sensor security lighting and many other types of home security solutions.

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