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Benefits of Choosing Enclosed Car Transport for Shipping Your Expensive Car

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 While shipping your car to any other city or country, you have the option of shipping them either in enclosed transport or in open transport. In case of open transport your car will remain exposed to adverse weather conditions like rain, snow or sun lights etc.

However, if you have any very special and expensive car then safest way to transport your vehicle will be enclosed car transport service offered by Ship a Car, Inc. By availing such service, you can ensure full protection of your car during the shipment. However, the charges for this service will be little higher than open car transport.

You must however prefer for enclosed transport service under the following few conditions.

  • If your vehicle has got low ground clearance, then enclosed carriers will use its lift gate doors for loading and enable secure transportation for low clearance vehicles.
  • For transportation of exotic cars, classic cars, Antique cars, luxury cars, collectible cars, racing cars, or any cars having exposed interiors.
  • During bad weather, usually enclosed transport is better transportation mode for even standard cars too to protect against salt and sand.

Cost of shipping

Usually the cost of shipping through enclosed transport is expensive and the cost will be based on following parameters.

  • Vehicle size – bigger car takes more space and hence cost may rise.
  • Vehicle type – special or vintage car may cost more.
  • Distance – for longer distance rate may get lower.
  • Fuel price – when fuel price is lower, then you can benefit.
  • Date – during summer the cost may be higher than winter.
  • Insurance – additional insurance cost will be needed for rare cars.
  • Shipping on same day – if you prefer same day shipping then you have to pay extra.

Benefits of using enclosed car transport:

Following are few benefits that you can get if you decide to transport your car through enclosed trailer.

  • Transport trucks utilized while sending cars within enclosed car transport will always use a fully enclosed trailers which will provide sufficient protection.

  • Additionally, high security and protection will also be provided to your precious, expensive cars which perhaps you too could not provide to your vehicle.
  • Totally eliminates damages due to harsh weather as well as external conditions such as roadway debris
  • In the enclosed trailers, they will use very little space and make your car immobile by properly clamping it in its place to make sure that it will not move or rattle during the journey.
  • Experienced Haulers will be hired with knowledge about handling and storing of classic, and luxury cars.
  • Pick-ups and also drop-offs are usually arranged, and you will be able to schedule them as per your convenience.
  • Special documentation may not be needed for transport unless your destination will demand you to submit them. You just have to deliver your car along with its keys and you need not worry about it anymore.
  • You will also have direct communication with the hauler and thus you will always remain updated about the progress of your special car at any point of time during its journey.
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